A Citizen Movement to promote

A Citizens Movement has started in Nagpur, India to promote cycling as a way of life in Nagpur and then most Indian Cities.
A Citizen Cycling

Cycle To School

To encourage school students to use cycle to commute daily to the school.

Cycle To Market

To create cycling infrastructure at their premises to easily park and lock the cycles and encourage people to use cycles.

Cycle to Office

Encourage the employees to commute to the office for 2 to 3 days a week to the entire week.

Cycling to work

Work and Activities

India Pedals is presently Nagpur – based Citizen’s Group to promote Cycling as a “Way of Life” and we wish to create similar campaigns across different cities of India. India Pedals is promoted by ProHEALTH Foundation and Miles N Milers Endurance Sports Academy. Our aim is simple: Make Nagpur a Cycling City in the next 10 years.

People who joined the us

There are hundreds of people who have already joined o this community and actively cycling

100 +

Why Should You Start Cycling?

There are many many benefits that you get by Cycling.

Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

Decreased Stress Levels

Reduce Noice, Air, Water Pollution

Save Fuel, Insuarance costs

Cut on Healthcare Costs

Savings on Gym Memberships

What people say

Commuting to work by cycle is what I always prefer. In fact, whenever possible for small works in colony, also its preferred by me...
Bhushan Vasswani
Bhushan Vaswani
Whenever weather permits (being in Nagpur), I will try to ride cycle for small routine work such as going to daily need shop, park, ground..etc.
Shwetali Thakare
Shwetali Thakare